Monday, March 23, 2009

I Quit.....

Ok this doesn't have anything to do with a diet or eating for that matter. Yesterday at 4 o'clock pm...Rick and I had our last cigarette. I guess I didn't realize some of the side effects to quitting smoking?! I knew the whole...get irritated easily....but the "sick to my stomach feeling" ? I was taking Rick to work this morning and I almost felt like I was drunk in a way. I chalked that up to....more air is getting to my brain now so I feel almost light headed. I can't explain getting sick to my stomach....and I guess it doesn't really matter. When I woke this morning...before my feet touched the floor I prayed that Jesus would please help me thru the day and help me keep calm. I got faith and I know I am going to be just fine and so is Rick.

All in all.... I got a lot of energy right now. I will use that to my advantage! ;)


  1. Girl it sounds like you are doing it right! Jesus will definitely help you both and see you through this and I am agreeing with you right now in prayer for strenth and determination and with His help and His will and for His glory, Amen!

  2. Praise the Lord! Awesome you trusting Jesus to get you off the cigarettes! Just remember when we are weak, He is our strength!

  3. Well thank you both of you! It is tough and everyone knows...and we have had a couple cigarettes. We are both doing great I think...and we just keep trying harder until we succeed. Keep prayin .. =)