Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ok...Now What

I am borderline depressed right now. Why you ask...after losing 21 pounds?? Depressed??? Yea...depressed...maybe I just want more for myself..Maybe I am setting my goals too high too fast. Maybe it's just time for my mind to rest for a moment and just take things in. Kinda relax a little bit. I am at a standstill with the weight. I know these things happen but c'mon already!

Ok...Ok...Fine...I'll sit and relax my mind....just not my legs!! I AM going for a walk or to the Y today and I am not settling for anything less of myself! =)

If anyone has any suggestions...please offer it up! lol

Have a stress and fat free day!


  1. My positive thought: the weekend is coming and it is going to be around 50* yeah, spring is coming!!! In the meantime go to the Y were it is at least warm. Have a great workout and get those endorfins (sp?) flowing! It will relieve the depression and maybe kick a few more pounds! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  2. LOL...Tina.I love you girl!!!! Thank you!!!

  3. Whew!! You girls are up wwwaayyy too early for me! Where did you get that from?! I been trying to kick depression too. I did get out for a walk tonight after 5pm and you know who came after me on the ATV cause someone called for a load ;-/