Thursday, January 29, 2009


I guess it's all about the "acceptance" thing. I am learning(slowly) to "accept" the fact that I let myself go. With "acceptance" maybe will come persevereness to overcome the obsticles I face everyday. I am sticking to eating healthy (except for a few minor choices =) ) and trying to walk even just a little bit until I can work back up to where I was.
I am also finding out that this is a "LIFE" change not just a temporary thing. I have no desire to just be "skinny". I want to be healthy! I am having to re-evaluate every aspect of life. That's a hard thing to do for me, but willing to do it nonetheless.
I have set small goals instead of big ones. If I set my goals to high...I will give up yet one more time. I honestly can't afford to do that to me one more time. I set my first goal to lose 20 pounds. With that I will reward myself in some way or another. (No...not by dessert)! I also give myself 3 months to accomplish that goal.
I know I have the knowledge to do this....and I will. Good luck to everyone else on this same mission. My thoughts are with you! =)


  1. Way to go girl! You can do it! I need to be there too, but dealing with "convieniences" of this ice storm right now, no time to think about food. Eating a lot of popcorn though.... LOL!

  2. actually we are putting a turkey in the wood oven to cook all night tonight....