Monday, February 2, 2009

Ready or Not...Here I Go

Well today is day #1. I am starting the "myalli" plan. My sister has lost 10 or so pounds on it in just a week or so. She highly recommends it. Along with taking this little blue pill?? I will be staying at or around 1800 calories a day with no more than 17 grams of Fat per meal. I know to me when she explained it...It seemed like a lot. She informs REALLY isn't. lol

As my other sister's all about exercise. I agree. I have been walking to the end of our street (trying to do every day of the week...not the weekend) with Miss Faith. I need the exercise and she needs the exercise also. Not to mention we enjoy each others company. By the way...for anyone who doesn't know...Miss Faith is my St. Bernard. (Didn't want anyone thinking I was calling a friend of mine fat).

I will let you know in a week how much if any that I lost and keep you updated.

All in all... the key to all this is... burn more than you eat. In Gwen terms that means...If you don't feel like walking...leave the snickers bar at the grocery store checkout! =)

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  1. LOLOLOLOL! Sis, you are a hoot. Keep me updated!