Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2 weeks and a day, but who's counting?

Ok it's been two weeks...I am still at 17lbs ...I'm not complaining =) I will say...I haven't done much with any exercise or maybe I would have lost more. I gotta be honest....I hate exercise! I can think of so many more things I would rather do. However I know the facts and you HAVE to move in order to lose more weight. It's one of things in life you just have to make your mind up and do it. I also have been goin on Calories and Fat grams....but I think I can make even smarter choices as far as WHAT calories and fat grams to intake. In short...instead of a bagel which has 250 cal and maybe 1 fat gram...it's still high in carbs. So maybe i'll look around and find something with the same fat and same calories but not as much carbs. I know ....I know...here I go obsessing again!! LOL =)

Have a great day everyone!

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