Wednesday, February 11, 2009


....yes unfortunately..I had to buy a new set of scales =( So 1 of two things happened.

  1. My scales said...uhm you're done weighing on me or
  2. I really need to lose weight!! LOL

I'm going with the latter one. =) And I am well off to a great start. As I mentioned I have lost 12lbs. Ok so now I have a bit of a conundrum...What did I really weigh on the scales that quit? According to them I lost 12lbs while they were still registering right. Yet on the new scales it says I weigh 2 pounds more??!! So I decided I am not giving up the two pounds or the 12 pounds lost. If you are following me here... according to all this mess...I actually weighed 2 pounds more when I began. Ugh... So not only do I suffer over weightness (if that's not a is now) I also suffer obsessive compulsive disorder. *grins*

I'm still thinking of you all...and hoping you are having a great day!


  1. I thought obsessive compulsive was my disorder... Is it genetic? ;-)

  2. Oh are too funny...which I'm guessing is also genetic! I'm not sure about the compulsive disorder though? Oh great yet another thing to wonder compulsively over though...LOL =)

  3. OMGracious, you both make my head hurt! Actually the answer to your dilema if I follow correctly is that you still have lost 12 pounds. If you would have gotten weighed on your new scales when you started you just would have been 12 pounds heavier. I hope this cheers you up!?

  4. Okay, you all think too much for me.... Glad for the weight you have lost so far. Hope it doesn't find me!!