Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WoW !!

I realize you should only get weighed once a week or some people say once every two weeks. The suspence was killing me. Yesterday was day #2 and again I stuck to the plan... no cheating! So I decided to get weighed today against my better judgement. I lost 8lbs!!!! I am so proud of myself for #1 sticking to the plan...#2 being willing to learn a new lifestyle of eating. I don't need anyone telling me.."way to go Gwen"...I got that covered! (but encouragement is ALWAYS nice!) I appreciate everyone who is reading my blog and those who are leaving me comments and encouraging me...Mom and Tina!! Again I will keep you updated more as time passes and weight drops! Love ya!


  1. E - envy you!
    N - Nice Job!
    C - Cheers!
    O - oh my goodness!
    U - U are perservering!
    R - Right on!
    A - A pat on the back!
    G - Gwen - that's MY girl!
    E - Education in healthy eating!
    M - (i'M stuck here :-/
    E - Every day is 1 day closer!
    N - Never quit!
    T - Though I didn't say it, here it is!!!

  2. Mom just cracks me up, does she you? Anyway went to leave a comment earlier and it wouldn't go through so am trying again.

    You keep on keeping on and you are going to end up my role model, right along with Rach!