Thursday, February 12, 2009

17lbs and counting..

I talked to one of my sisters last night and said.." I think I am just going to quit this plan and maybe try something different." Well this morning I got up and did my faithful (amazing how many times that word comes up on my post isn't it? Maybe it's telling me something?!) anyway...did my faithful get on the scales and see what's up (or down hopefully =) ) and much to my suprise...I have lost 17 LBS!!! So I text that same sister this morning and said..Ok..Maybe I will stick with it for a lil' while longer.. LOL

(Mom you were right about me...I am flighty lol)

This is the dinner I cooked for last night. If you ever thought for one minute you have to eat cardboard (rice cakes) to lose weight..think again! You can have delicious and healthy!!!
Oh by the way...In case you can't tell...It's Ham, Baked Sweet Potato, and Broccoli =)

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