Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Natural Herbs and Their Purposes

I wanted to share my knowledge on the things I have learned about natural herbs and some of their purposes. I hope you find some of them helpful or at least interesting...

  1. Black Cohosh -Contains natural estrogen,calms nervous system; promotes menstruation; relieves cramps; soothes local pain; safe sedative; good for headaches
  2. Milk Thistle -Cleans the liver
  3. Butcher's Broom - Strengthens walls of blood vessels, aids in viracose veins
  4. Dandelion - use to detoxify the system
  5. Echinacea - "King of blood purifiers;" improves lymphatic system; strengthens immune system and is most potent for such; good for colds and flu; anti-inflammatory; anti-viral; antibiotic tendencies; increases white blood cells to destroy virii; no side effects noted and is a very safe; keeps T-cells healthy; good for glandular infections-; expels poisons and toxins; prevents cell infection; beneficial during pregnancy. The most important immune stimulatn in Western medicine.
  6. Ginseng - helps the body adapt to stress, fatigue, and cold; significantly improves the body's capacity to handle hunger, temperature extremes, and mental and emotional stress
  7. Lavender - the flowers are antibiotic and antiseptic. They calm the nerves, reduce muscle tension, and relieve cramps
  8. Lemon Balm - a relaxing tonic for anxiety, mild depression, restlessness, and irritability. Reduces feelings of nervousness and panic; quiets a racing heart
  9. Sage - use as a tea for quieting nerves, good for mental exhaustion and strengthens the ability to concentrate
  10. Sarsaparilla - blood purifier; breaks down uric acid; good for liver problems, rheumatism, skin disorders, hormone excesses, good for psoriasis and other eruptive skin disorders
  11. St. John's Wort - Helps with depression
  12. Valerian Root - calms nervous conditions; aids in peaceful and restful sleep; slows heart rate while increasing blood flow; good for people whose valves don't work right; nature's tranquilizer; decreases aggression; good source of calcium and magnesium

I hope you at least found this interesting. I believe in my heart that God has supplied us with "natural cures" to our illnesses.

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